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Lacy, my reading with you provided pertinent insights regarding my current path, as well as important information about significant people in my life and our special connections. Thank you for honoring and using your special gift to help others such as myself.

Every time I read with Lacy she can see clearly into a situation. I have had many reading with Lacy because she does not tell you what you want to hear, she will tell you the truth and there are times when she will totally jump off subject and tell you something that spirit wants you to hear so that you can grow as a person. Which for me is a gift because sometimes we get so wrapped up in what is puzzling us/hurting us, that we can’t see the forest through the trees. The other thing that I love about Lacy is when you purchase a certain amount of minutes, she doesn’t have a timer there and cut you off. Lacy finishes what she starts. Wonderful person.

The reading was excellent and very understanding. Questions were answered and good suggestions were given. It was an excellent reading and looking forward to get it done again in future.

Lacy is the real deal. She’s generous, compassionate, funny– and best of all she knows her stuff– how to keep her mind out of what she’s getting from the other side, and how to interpret the messages accurately. I’ve had a lot of readings from numerous folks across North America and it isn’t often that I’ve come away knowing I’ll come back in the future for more advice. While time will tell as to how accurate the reading was (and of course my free will, will be the biggest component of all), I can already tell I’ll be back for more from Lacy in the future.

It was very interesting listening to Lacy do my reading last night. It was astonishing how she was able to relay things to me, that only people that are close to me would know. She spoke about my brother and told me that he died at his own will, he was depressed and didn’t feel like he could do anything right. My brother committed suicide last year. She received messages from my mom, and knew that I had something green around me, which indeed I did, I had a green blanket on my lap. She also spoke of one of my sons who had an injury, a few days prior to that my son was involved in a motorcycle accident, and also, she was able to pick up on my middle son, whom I have been having issues with. It was well worth the time and money spent, I will do another reading with her at another time.

Lacy is absolutely incredible! I had all of my questions answered, and then some. The information I recieved is complete and accurate. If you are looking to have a reading a would strongly recommend Lacy, she is amazing!

I had my 2nd reading from Lacy some weeks ago, and just like the first time, I was extremely satisfied. She is genuine. Thanks so much Lacy.

My reading with Lacy left me feeling very heard, seen, and encouraged. The messages she related were very positive and warm, and the advice she/they gave was very constructive and realistic. It sounds cliche, but I really did feel like someone could “see inside” me- it was encouraging to have some of my more subtle inner characteristics described and validated. Lacy definitely has a gift, and she is very generous with it. I recommend her to anyone feeling adrift, unheard, or alone in their spiritual journey.

I highly recommend Lacy. This was my first reading with her and I will reschedule with her again. Everything she said was right on. Her insight and wisdom is incredible. She has a warm and darling personality, and I felt like I could tell her anything and she would understand. She is wonderful. Thank You Lacy! You answered questions that I needed closure to.

Where to even start…. Lacy is one of the best readers I have ever been in contact with. She is very precise in her reading, she does not like to get information from you, and some of the things that she tells you will really surprise you. Sometimes I feel like I have known this woman my entire life, as she reads you like a book. Lacy never judges you, your situation and that is very important in a reading. You will never waste your money with this woman. She is truly a gift.


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