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 by Grey
A Profound Gift

Lacy is so genuine, caring, accurate. She has a beautiful heart and I've never felt so safely guided by someone. She takes her tremendous gift very seriously and has guided me so profoundly. She is always, always, accurate and she helps me trust in myself and the world. You won't find anyone like her!!!

 by Tricia

After talking with Lacy, I feel so much peace. With my first call she put me at ease about the process and it was so helpful. There are details that were so specific to my situation I know she is genuine. i look forward to connecting with her again.

 by Ashley
Whole again

I always feel so free and whole after talking with Lacy. She took the time to answer all of my questions and help me with some tough things our family has been dealing with. Her connection to Spirit is strong and evident. I have recommended her to friends who came away saying the exact same thing. She's the real deal. Thank you, Lacy, for sharing your gift.

 by Sara

After many years later, I finally had another reading with Lacy and she was simply amazing as always! She's not only a great medium but also a great, kind, selfless human. She never rushes and makes sure she got all your questions answered. She's super thoughtful and I can't recommend her enough! Thank you Lacy for all you do and your humanitarian work outside of mediumship.

 by Stephanie

I often wish I could have Lacy as my good friend that I can call when I need wisdom, insight, and kindness with this thing called “LIFE”. I had a reading from her a few weeks ago and also over the past few years. I just want to say how amazing she is with her gifts and how sincere she is with wanting to truly make a helpful and positive difference in my life and from all the people she helps. I can’t wait to be able to call her again to help me with difficulties I have been having. There are just some things that only the angels and guides can help you with and Lacy is that person that can connect you with them. Lacy you are amazing! Thankyou for all the help you have given me and how I have been able to talk with my parents! I wish you healing, happiness, love, and protection.

 by Jenavieve
The Very Best!

I have had several readings with Lacy and eveytime i do, i am left feeling clearer and more empowered no matter this issue. She is the real deal and is a genuine caring person. I dont even bother going to any other intuitives anymore because they just don't compare. Lacy is kind, clear, and to the point. There truly is no one like her and I am so grateful for her. She has helped not only me, but my whole family. Including those that didnt believe in mediumship in the beginning as well! Thank you Lacy for existing!

 by Star
Such a wonderful reading with Lacy

I had my very first reading with Lacy and am so grateful for the opportunity to connect with her. My experience was so full of love and warmth. I was able to connect with loved ones who have passed, as well as received some really wonderful guidance and life advice. It truly was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. Thank you so much Lacy!

 by Stephanie
Great reading

My dad came thru right away & the things she said, I knew it was my dad. Thank you so much for connecting me & my dad.

 by grey m.
beautiful experience

i had a beautiful reading with lacy. this is the first time I felt like I've received real clarity in over a year. everything she said deeply resonated and I could tell she was being entirely genuine and relaying exactly what came to her. I also signed up for a 15 minute reading, and she spent 45 minutes helping me, a first client, so I really appreciate that too.

 by Cindy
highly accurate

An amazing reading with Lacy! Highly accurate information all relative to what's happening in my life right now and I didn't give her any information. The messages that came through were clear and made sense. She does a great job of relaying what's coming through. I'll use her again in the future.

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First, I wanted to say that I have never had such a “real” reading, done with heart, humor, with truth and integrity – you freely gave me the benefit of your time, and I really appreciated how much time you had given me – this to me was rare – you are very gifted, have a way of making a person feel like a friend, took away any awkwardness in asking personal questions, etc. I have had many readings in the past (at a cost, some of them significant) and can quite honestly say that yours was far and away the best reading I have ever encountered.


I have talked to Lacy a couple of times now and it feels like talking to an old friend. She was spot on regarding the situation I am dealing with and the information she gave me has proven to be very helpful. I would highly recommend her to anybody wanting to get insight into their life and the things they are dealing with.


I am very satisfied with the reading that I received from Lacy in December 2013. This is about the 4th or 5th time I’ve used her in the past few years.  I will definitely continue to use her.


After doing my research for a reputable authentic reader I chose to contact Lacy which I am so happy I did. She was friendly; easy to talk to & explained the process before we began our reading. Once she started she not only was accurate in what I inquired about but was patient with my questions; comments & gave me immeasurable comfort. I only wish I had found her sooner which would of saved me a lot of wasted money; stress & anxiety. Nevertheless, I intend to contact her again in the near future to assist me in another area of my life in order to continue my spiritual journey on this earthly plane. God bless you Lacy!!! The reading left me with a feeling of clarity and lightness and though I did not here what I thought I would hear I got the messages I needed to receive in order to move forward and live my best life!


This was my first reading with Lacy and I have to say she is the real deal. I gave her very little information and she was spot on with everything she told me about a personal situation I am going through. She had insight that amazed me and I would highly recommend her.


Not sure if I have told you lately, but you are AMAZING!  Events unfolded EXACTLY as you said they would … (am I surprised … nope!) Thanks again!  XO


Lacy is so kind and so inspiring. It was nice to have my questions answered in such a way that I felt a sense of wholeness and relief. I believe that Lacy was truly able to connect with what I was looking for and provide the answers that I need moving forward. It was truly helpful! Thank you Lacy.


If you are on the fence about having your own reading (like I was) I urge you to give it a try! I just thought “what the heck, why not!”, and scheduled a reading.  Right after booking I became so anxious that I almost canceled, but felt like because our reading was going to be over the phone I would just go through with it. (over the phone seemed much less abrasive to me than meeting a stranger in person somewhere I had never been, ah!) BLOWN AWAY is putting it lightly. My questions were so vague that even my husband probably would not have known what I was talking about, but my guardians knew, and Lacy gave me so much insight and expressed my feelings I hadn’t told anyone- without a doubt she is the real deal. She was even able to connect with someone I have lost, and express to me things about that person SHE COULD HAVE NEVER KNOWN, in fact she didn’t even understand or know the meaning of what she was saying to me, but I understood more than she knew.  I would highly recommend RECORDING YOUR SESSION! I did and each time I listened something else stood out and made sense to me. Such a great experience- Thank you Lacy!


Lacy relieved me of some deep anxieties I have been suffering from for a long time. She was personable and honest with me. I spent a lot of time trying to find the right person to do my reading. I am nothing but pleased. I felt comforted by her and that means a lot to me. I suffer a lot internally and I finally feel like I will be okay. I feel like I have known her all my life. Thank you for everything Lacy.


Lacy is absolutely incredible. She is one of the sweetest, most caring, and genuine people I’ve ever talked to her.  Her gifts are incredible and her insight is amazing.  I left our reading feeling so spiritually uplifted.  She provided clear insight to my questions and knew details about situations in my life that blew my mind. She was so loving and concerned about my well being and really cares about helping people.  If you are contemplating a reading with her … just DO IT! You won’t regret it! I’ll recommend Lacy to all of my friends and family and will be coming back again soon myself. 🙂 Thanks so much Lacy! And thank you to your wonderful spiritual guides who were able to give me such valuable information … this session was truly healing and I can’t say enough good things about it.


Had a second reading to get more information and to clarify some things from my first reading, and it was so o helpful! I really like that Lacy doesn’t mind recording the session cause I like to keep listening to her afterward so I can absorb it all. I feel so much better after she fills on the holes of my past so I can work through it.


Accurate, amazing, and wonderful. This was my first psychic reading and was very nervous. She was very comforting and answered ALL my questions. Even answered things that I didn’t ask … very intuitive. This was not just some general response but incredibly detailed. Thank you.


Lacy is the best! She helped me sooo much with a past relationship that I am trying to come to grips with. I had her answer some questions I had for another psychic who I felt wasn’t onto the truth; Lacy gave me information that deep in my gut I knew to be true and she elaborated so I could make sense of it. She also confirmed some of the info the other psychic gave me. I also like that she doesn’t mind recording the session since I like to go back and listen to what was said like I’m in a class to learn. Thanks so much!!!!


I had a great time talking with you. I was nervous and you helped me be comfortable. You helped confirm something’s and figure something’s out! You helped me see that I should not be scared! I will be talking to you again! Thank you so much I really appreciate you!!! ;}


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