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I had a great time talking with Lacy. She answered all my questions and let me know all that I needed to hear. She also gave me some very useful advice that I really needed to know. I am so grateful to her and her gift, I was able to talk with family and a very dear friend of mine who recently passed. I feel comfort in knowing I am truly not alone and I definitely recommend her for those in search of answers and those who need comfort. Thank You Lacy and you will be hearing from me again.:-)


Lacy was able to describe me with amazing accuracy and with a level of detail that far surpassed my expectations. More importantly, she gave me clear and honest advice to help me through my current life challenges. The lessons imparted upon me require sustained focus in order to have a lasting impact, of course, changing bad habits, especially ones that have become automatic, always takes time and effort. Even if I look at it through a cynical lens, Lacy still provided that best counseling I’ve ever had. Thank you greatly, would recommend.


Just wanted to say THANK YOU again for giving me a reading yesterday! I SOOOO appreciated it and you were so kind not to watch the clock. You will definitely hear from me again since I’m probably going to have more questions as I try to resolve all this within myself. I also sent a review to Bob’s site that they need to okay before posting. Thx


I went into this reading as a skeptic and was blown away at the details and legitimacy of the information provided. I am pleased to say that I am now a believer in this process and that it has helped me shed 27 years of anger and loneliness. If you are in a place of uncertainty and need guidance lower your pride and give this a shot. If it can convince me it can convince anyone.


I just wanted to say I have had many personal readings over the past 8 years. They have always been in person readings so I was a little skeptical of having one over the phone wandering if the connection could really be made. I must say that Lacy was right on with everything that is going on in my life and to date is the most accurate reading I have had. I would recommend Lacy to anyone having there first reading or if they have been having readings for years. Thank you very much Lacy and I will definitely be contacting you in the future.


I have known Lacy for years and each time I have a reading I am amazed at her precision, her humor and sensibility and sensitivity. You not only get an accurate reading, but a sense of caring, genuineness and some of the best people and situation related advice in the world. She is smart, funny and down to earth with heavenly wisdom (thanks Spirit for sharing so much with her)!!! I guarantee you that you will be amazed and very happy with hour experience.


I am so psyched! I got clarity and direction and know what to do next. I can do this!! Very, very helpful reading!!!


I had my first reading with Lacy a year and a half ago. At that time, Lacy was able to give me a lot of insight into my life path, my strengths, and my weaknesses. Today, I had my second reading with Lacy, and she provided me with valuable insight and very specific advice regarding some important career and personal issues I am currently dealing with. I would highly recommend Lacy, because she is the “real deal” when it comes to psychics.


I am grateful to know Lacy is available as a resource to support my spiritual practice. She has proven invaluable several times when I needed additional insight into a relationship or situation. Her readings always give me a lot to think about and have been very useful in daily life. Thanks, Lacy.

Absolutely amazing! Lacy provides great insight and is so nice. I would highly recommend her!

Lacy I want to thank you for always taken the extra time to sit and talk to me You have always done so and I first want to tell you I appreciate it! Thank you for my reading and giving me answers to things I was really trying to find understanding for! I may never get the full answer to what? Why? Who? But I do know what happened happened… The why or who doesn’t really matter anyway because it end up causing me pain and to much trying to put the puzzle pieces together. So for me it caused me a lot of mental dysfunction and emotion and thats not good! If someone truly wants to speak with me or see me. They will do it the best way for me! So I didn’t go where I said I was from the letter. I’ve decided that I move forward with my life. I’m letting go of what happened. I choose to love my self enough to know that’s whats best for me and to start healing I move forward. And like you said I can decided again. But only will I ever decide again is if he speaks to me in person and it will have to be him approaching me! I love the Blackhawks but I deserve a conversation where I don’t have to read through the lines.. So I’m putting it behind me! No more games only truth… I deserve to be happy and so that’s what I’m going to do! I will start to heal and start to laugh again! Thank you for your help as always!

I had another great reading done with Lacy! Lacy is right on target and VERY helpful. I look forward to speaking with Lacy again.

I am a firm believer when making difficult decisions, to use all you have in your power to do so. My life feels like it is at a crossroads lately and I was looking for confirmation and validation with some feelings, and I definitely got some guidance with my first reading with Lacy!! The hello from the other side was beautiful and gave my soul and heart some much needed peace. Thank you Lacy, and thank you “C.”

My first reading with Lacy was absolutely wonderful! I have had many readings over the years and what made this one so unique is that Lacy is plugged in to the spirit world in such a refreshing and accurate way. The answers to my questions resonated with me deeply and the messages I got from spirit were right in line with my present situation. The details were incredible and I’m still in a bit of awe over the fact that some of the things that were revealed were so spot on, and I didn’t give Lacy much information to go on! I have never said this about any of the numerous people who have done readings for me over the years, but I will, without a doubt, be utilizing Lacy’s services again for sure!!


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