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My husband and I just had an amazing hour with Lacy. Right off the bat she nailed things about my grandma no one else would know. We have a group of visitors from the other side so she had her hands full getting information from all of them but she did it so well. Thank you Lacy, we look forward to chatting again.

I enjoyed my reading and she gave me some helpful insights. She was quite perceptive about my reality. She was thorough and kind. I would recommend her.

I was truly AMAZED!!!! I simply asked about my current enterprise and Indigo Lacy was able to divine the nature of my business, my struggles leading up to this point, and my feelings about the future. For the first time in a long time i feel confident moving forward on my chosen path. I have released my fear and feel the future holds the promise I have hoped and worked for. Thank you Lacy for your time.

As usual Lacy is extremely insightful, precise and correct in her interpretations of what’s going on. Not only will she clarify what’s going on she also has the greatest advice . You can’t go wrong when you get a reading from Lacy. SHE’S AWSOME!!

I was a bit apprehensive about not meeting in person. I’m not sure if it would have been any different in person though. Lacy is very easy to talk to and left me feeling peaceful. Her communications are honest and sincere. If ever the need arises again, I will definitely call her again.

I enjoyed my reading with Lacy a lot. It was a little hard to hear at times because of the connection, but I really felt that she understood what I was asking and I felt she really cared. Thanks.

Lacy thank you so much for taking my reading on short notice like you did! You were very good at giving me guidance on everything that has been going on. You also have helped me tons with the fear of what had been going on by giving me a bit of understanding! Also the first time I had a reading with you I asked you a question about my son and I was given a number on something and I thought I understood it. Well yesterday we were up to the doctors and that number you gave me clicked. Thank you so much for always being willing to give more then you get also I do appreciate it!

I called looking for guidance on the spirits living in my close to 100 year old house, not only was Lacy able to help me release my fears and anxiety, she had lead me to begin a search on gaining knowledge on the history of my home and who lived there. She was caring, clear, and completely on point even wording things in ways that I understood. My session was a gift and I treasured every moment.

WOW!! This experience was great. There are hardly words to express what I felt. She was so awesome, and so professional. It sounded as though I was speaking directly to whom I was asking about. It was so easy and comfortable to talk to her and she knew things that I didn’t say, so it confirmed her the real deal! Thanks so much my heart to yours Lacy!!

I was referred to Lacy and all I can say is wow! A beautiful sole. Her abilities to give me an understanding of where I am and where I am going, along with a deeper understanding of who I am, fortifies her gift. There were things I expected and was seeking clarifications; and things I didn’t expect, but clearly understood the messages as they presented.

I had a 30 minute session with Lacy and only asked her one of my questions, but she pretty much covered the span of all my questions with just the one I asked. I felt very touched and humbled by the experience and was overwhelmed at the end. I was choked up and crying, but it was good. It was what I needed to hear. I’d recommend her to anyone.

I had my first reading with Lacy!! I walked away from my reading very happy to have questions answered that I needed confirmation on! I gave her very little on my questions. But she had the answers to all of them! She is very gifted and she will explain the messages very clearly or will help you to understand them. I have had alot of readings and I have never walked away with the feeling I did with Lacy of understanding everything I asked. She is very kind and understanding! She spent alot of time on me and most of it was HER extra time not mine. I never felt rushed to finish my session. She made sure I had all my questions answered!

I asked her something about my husband and his job. I knew the answer because my husband already told me … I wanted to see if she knew and she answered it dead on what my husband had told me! And only he and I knew the answer but Lacy also knew it! She is truly gifted. I will be recommending her to everyone I know! I will also be using her again and again, she was that dead on with everything that was going on in my life and things in my past! This is how good she is. I asked about my son and his medical condition and I did not tell her what is was? But she told me what it was? Which isn’t a common thing but she knew that his chest was concaved in and that the surgery was just recent and that my son had actually impressed the doctors with his chest because of how far it went in. I’m at peace now because I got all of the answers I needed! I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! Thank you thank you thank you Lacy! Give her a try you will be so so so glad you did!

Lacy, I talked to my son and your reading you did for him through me was right on. It all really resonated for him. I am so grateful for your help and verification of what I have been trying to tell him.

The reading that I had with Lacy was amazing. She picked up on things that she would not have any way of knowing. Her guides are hysterical. I enjoyed my reading very much and plan on speaking with her again soon!

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