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After having unexplainable things happen to me lately, I needed to know what was going on and why. You truly have a gift as you told me things that nobody else could possibly have known. Thanks *SO* much for clearing up the confusion that has been plaguing me as of late.

I lost my cell phone and Lacy found it! It was in a place I never would have looked and she led me right to it… thanks, Lacy!

Again, as always, all information is given in a thoughtful, respectful manner, the information received was 90% accurate to what was currently going on in my life and those around me. I continue to be amazed by the gift you have been born with and share with others. Now if I could only actually take the advice I have been given and act on it … eh?

I was very pleased with our reading. Lacy was able to tell me things to help clarify some things going on in my life, and she helped me with questions I had regarding other issues. She is a very kind-hearted lady, and I will definitely be using her services again in the future.

Just wanted to let you know how incredible and insightful you were. I have had several readings and I must say that by far, you are the best. You were so clear with your answers. When I got off the phone with you I was not trying to figure out what you meant. There was no gray area. Your answers to my questions were black and white. The advice I was given will definitely help my journey in this life. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Made a connection with virtually no information. Amazingly accurate!!

Lacy is absolutely incredible! I had all of my questions answered, and then some. The information I recieved is complete and accurate. If you are looking to have a reading I would strongly recommend Lacy, she is amazing!

It was very interesting listening to Lacy do my reading last night. It was astonishing how she was able to relay things to me, that only people that are close to me would know. She spoke of my brother that committed suicide last year, and told me that he died at his own will, he was depressed and didn’t feel like he could do anything right. She received messages from my mom, and knew that I had something green around me, which indeed I did, I had a green blanket on my lap. She also spoke of one of my sons had an injury, a few days prior to that my son was involved in a motorcycle accident, and also, she was able to pick up on my middle son, whom I have been having issues with. It was well worth the time and money spent, I will do another reading with her at another time.

This was my first reading that I have had. Lacy was great. All of my questions were answered. I have a better insight to things that are happening in my life right now and things that I need to work on. She makes you feel comfortable. I definitely will be having another reading with Lacy in the future. It was amazing. Thank you so much !

I have been literally crippled by grief over the death of my husband, and several years later, a fiance – both of whom I cherished deeply and miss horribly. Every so often, I cycle back into a deep depression to the point where I want to end my life to escape the pain. I am very thankful that I found Lacy (and she was willing to do a reading with me on such short notice!) when I needed her most. She was able to give me great insight about my loved ones. I believe she truly does have an amazing gift. I felt enveloped by her genuine love and kindness – and generosity of her time. Thank you so much Lacy 🙂

My reading with Lacy left me feeling good. She was very easy to talk to and she answered all of my questions and more. Lacy is a truly gifted psychic. I will be calling her again!

This was not my first time speaking with Lacy and certainly will not be my last. She is truly gifted. With the most vague questions I can offer, her responses are always right on target and offer clarity and comfort.

Lacy, My reading with you provided pertinent insights regarding my current path, as well as important information about significant people in my life and our special connections. Thank you for honoring and using your special gift to help others such as myself.

The reading was excellent and very understanding. Questions were answered and good suggestions were given. It was an excellent reading and looking forward to get it done again in future.

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