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She has read for me, and been accurate in areas I doubted her on, but which she was correct about. She’s surprisingly accurate and she’s honest.  She didn’t sugarcoat things with me and that was important. She has quite a gift, and is down to Earth. 


Very wonderful energy from Lacy.  She described the energy and the physical attributes of the person about which I was asking. She also confirmed some other issues going on in my life that are on my mind without me having to ask. 


I am still taking it all in but, I found it very informative.  There was a lot of kindness and understanding and I am looking forward to way things will show up in my life. 


As always, I enjoyed our time together. Your approach is warm and welcoming and I find that it’s easy to relax into the reading. During this session, I felt that the information relayed was a loving confirmation of my direction. I appreciated your guidance in relation to my interpretation of the messages I had been receiving in relation to the events which have been recently taking place. 


I feel that your guides were intending to encourage and support my present course of action and I am grateful for the positive feedback. I feel that this next phase of my life, the blending of family and career is going to require even greater awareness of my connection to Source, a strong commitment to the work I am doing, continued positive intention and deep faith and trust that I am in the flow and that ALL is well. Our session has brought me a measure of peace in that regard. Thank you.  


I truly enjoyed my reading with you, last week! Now that I’ve had some time to let your words marinate, I find that they validated much of what I’ve been feeling and the burdens that I’ve been carrying. I find that it has helped me let go of a lot the guilt and hurt that has been with me, especially over the past year, where my family is concerned. You also provided characteristics of my family members that made it unmistakable who you were referring to. The message cautioning me of someone “stirring the pot” at work will be invaluable going forward for me. This is a person that I have trusted and now see that she can cause trouble for me. Your description of her was straight on and unmistakable. I have wanted to have a reading for a very long time and can’t thank you enough for sharing you gift with those of us who need it. 


This is a 3 dimensional experience. Quick, easy answers are not provided; however, guidance is given in generous abundance to help us in our thinking and how we approach our life. It heightens our awareness of behaviors & thoughts that may be holding us back from finding fulfillment in life. Regarding career & work, a very specific event was noted as well as the timeframe in which it will happen. Regarding love & romance, the new relationship was described fully, specifically the dynamic going on between us, and how it is different from previous relationships. Advice on how to best proceed was extremely helpful. Since everything that was coming through was positive, I specifically asked if there was anything bad or negative to bring up. No. What a relief! I’ve recommended Lacy’s readings to several of my friends and family. They have completed their readings and all say the same thing: “awesome”.

I couldn’t have been more pleased with the reading I got from Lacy today! Wow — So many things she saw were right on the money for me. Many questions I had were answered and those things I had confusion about were explained. A truly positive and uplifting experience! 


Lacy – Thank you for the reading today. Your reading was right on and your insight regarding family, business, etc. blew me (and my family) away! You will definitely be called upon again in the future.  


I am very pleased with the reading I got from Lacy this afternoon. It really help me, I was going crazy and after her reading I can say I feel more peace in my life … Thank you Lacy 


My reading with Lacy gave me a lot to think about. Her advise was very insightful. She has a very kind manner. I would recommend Lacy to all my friends and family.  


I was amazed at the accuracy of my reading. Lacy knew things about me and my life that no one could possibly know. She has quite a gift and I’m grateful to have been led to her. 


Lacy provided me with a great reading – so on the money!  


I was as impressed with the reading the second time around as I was the first. You were right on target and as before spoke with humor and kindness. Thank you for sharing your incredible ability.


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