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I wanted to update you on our last reading. You were right about my employment. I was interviewed by a woman and I got the job.

I had the most pleasurable experience today. I’ve never had a reading before, but always wanted to. After buying a really nice horse with no known history, I was really curious and hoped Lacy could be able to give me some information on his background. Well, she did, and I think it was really accurate! I’ll definitely be back for more insight in my life. Thanks

The reading was great it was so good I could not believe how right on she was. Lacy is really good, one of the best I’ve seen and a very nice person as well. Thanks again

Lacy is great. She gave me amazing guidance for my future goals and was very accurate. She is a wonderful person to talk to. I highly recommend her and am very grateful to have had this spiritual experience with her.

Lacy is truly a blessing in my life. She and her guides have helped me and my family countless times with insights, hope and light. I can always count on her and her guidance to see me through any troubles that arise, not to mention the numerous ‘lost’ things she’s found for me! Accurate, kind and honest, you’ll get the truth with compassion. A reading with Lacy is not something you’ll regret nor forget.


A bit confusing. We were expecting more guidance, but hope that what we learned will prove to be valuable.

As before, you were easy to speak with and kind. Time will tell about accuracy but you have a great track record.


This was my first reading, and I was not sure what to expect. Lacy was very good, and spot on with many things happening in my life. What she told me has put my mind at ease, as she made things for me seem much clearer and offered validation for some of the issues I was dealing with. This experience will certainly help me going forward. I expect to follow up with Lacy in due time.

I would like to say that Lacy has been an unbelievable asset to me in my quest for answers to life issues. In particular, my quest to find closure and peace during the court hearings pertaining to my daughter. She has been unerringly accurate in her guidance to me on finding information that is and was very beneficial. Thank you so much for your guidance and extreme accuracy.

Lacy is a gift. I have done a lot of counseling and have had readings. Lacy has guided and given me advice that no one in my life has ever been able to do. She explains things until I have a complete understanding of what she is trying to tell me. Everything that she has told me has been very accurate. I feel so lucky to have Lacy to turn to when I need spiritual guidance. Thank you lacy for enhancing my life. I hope who ever reads this review will choose Lacy to help them. It will be a fascinating experience.

Lacy makes you feel very comfortable during readings. I was able to tell her things that I could not even tell my own family and she was able to receive clear guidance and answers from my guides to help me on my path. Wonderful reading.

Lacy was honest and gave fantastic advice for my concerns. I look forward to talking with her again. I feel blessed to be able to contact such a special person.

Lacy is frankly, absolutely AMAZING. She was able to provide perspective for me during the difficult passing of my father. Her compassion, insight and messages from my father were of the greatest comfort during this time. Her reading of the situation was SPOT ON and the unfolding of events the next day were exactly as she described. I now have the strength to deal with the next step. I am most fortunate to have had such a healing experience and would very highly recommend her! Thanks Lacy!

First of all, I would like to thank Lacy for such a great reading. I called with three major concerns, and she, along with myself, managed to figure out what some of the problems were. Lacy, you were fantastic in contacting members of my family — especially, my uncle Ray. What you witnessed with him, is exactly what you would have seen in real life with him. I know there are a lot of skeptics out there, and I was one too, until I met you, and had this incredible experience.

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